TYR Tracer B-Series Short John

TYR Tracer B-Series Short John
  • Short John knee length suit:
    1. Increased coverage.
    2. Reduces drag in the water.
  • Lightweight, hydrophobic and quick-drying fabrication:
    1. Reduced drag coefficient.
    2. Woven with a powerful micro-filament.
    3. Enhanced stretch properties.
    4. 'Memory' form retention.
    5. Promotes longevity and lasting form-fit.
  • Four-way Lock Seams:
    1. Contours the body.
    2. Provides the strongest control available.
    3. Industry leading 18 stitch-per-inch seams.
    4. Durable and low-profile.
    5. Superior range of motion.
  • Flat-bonded seams:
    1. High-bond micro-taping.
    2. Stitchless design.
    3. Provides a fluid, drag-reducing fit.
    4. Seamless transition from skin to fabric.
  • Industry exclusive muscle-mapping seams.
  • Five-piece pattern design:
    1. Superior fit.
    2. Reduced drag coefficient.

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