Finis Vapor Race John

Finis Vapor Race John 

  • Hydro-reflective technology to repel water while providing a comfortable grip where it matters most.
  • Constructed from premium Italian fabric, the Vapor lets you maintain core stability with a compression fit during your crucial moments in any race.
  • FINA Approved
  • Advanced Hydro-Reflective Technology
    • Lightweight compressed textile repels water to increase your speed ratio
  • Oxygen Efficient Panel Construction
    • Unique internal panel design adds compression to maximize oxygen efficiency
    • Reduces muscle vibration
    • Maintains optimal body stability
  • Welded Seamless Technology 
    • Sleek, boned construction reduces drag friction over the entire suit
  • Water-Tight Edges
    • Silicone edges create a comfortable grip against shoulders, legs, and waits
  • Form Fitting 
    • Reinforced construction and lay-flat seams create a compression fit
  • Features 
    • Designed at FINIS Stroke Lab in California 
    • Assembled in the E.U. with Italian Fabric
    • Neck-to-knee design
  • Woven 65% Nylon  35% Elastane

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