Special Care Instructions to Make Your Tech Suit Last Longer

The following are step by step instructions for taking care of you technical suits. We want you to get the most bang for your buck out of them so we recommend that you follow them to the letter. 

All of these steps were developed by our managers, Melanie and Kenzie, using tricks that they picked up both from when Kenzie was racing in them and from other customers over the years. Both Melanie and Kenzie have been working with technical suits since about 2008; they have years of experience behind them. 

If you have any questions at all regarding technical suits feel free to contact us

  • Take your time putting the suit on 
    1. It protects the suit because you won’t be rushing with damp skin to get it on before your race.
    2. Compression, the main reason why these suits are fast. The reason being that it basically smooshes your muscle tissues closer together. When that happens it traps oxygen in your tissues. This both reduces lactic acid, as well as increases potential performance. Every time you warm up you are increasing the oxygen flow in your blood and circulating it through your muscles. By already having that compression in place you start trapping that oxygen sooner. 
    • Keep the suit protected during the meet
      • Wear drag shorts over the suit while you warm up and cool down 
      • Wear shorts, sweats, t-shirts, anything to cover the suit while you wait between races. We don't want it to snag on anything 
      • DO NOT take the suit off and put it back on in between races. The more you take it on and off the more it stretches out 
      • DO NOT pull the straps off your shoulders and wear them around your torso during the meet. This stretches out the straps and the neck of your suit faster and makes it easier for water to get down inside your suit. 
        • Tip: The straps only start to hurt because they are pulling on your chlorine super dry skin. When they start hurting if you get back in and warm up with an other 200 or so. This will get your suit and skin wet again and cause the straps to stop tugging on your puckering skin. 
    • After you are done competing for the day 
      • Rinse the suit off in the shower with fresh water. Try to keep shampoo and soaps off of the suit as best you can
      • Peel the suit off your body slowly. It will come off much faster and easier then it goes on, but we still want to try to not stretch it out 
      • DO NOT ring the suit out or try to get water off of it in any way. It will stretch the suit and damage the material
      • Lay the suit flat on a towel and roll the suit up inside the towel. DO NO bunch the suit up
      • KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SUIT AT ALL TIMES. They are very easily stolen in the locker-rooms
    • Once you get home 
      • Take the suit out of the towel you rolled it up in 
      • Lay a fresh and dry towel on the floor or table 
      • Lay the suit on the dry towel and let it air dry completely 
      • Fold the suit up and store it in a bag and/or box for safe keeping until your next meet