Proper Technique for Putting on a Tech Suit

The following are step by step instructions for putting on technical suits. We want you to get the most bang for your buck both by getting into the suit all the way and by putting on the proper size, so we recommend that you follow them to the letter.

All of these steps were developed by our managers, Melanie and Kenzie, using tricks that they picked up both from when Kenzie was racing in them and from other customers over the years. Both Melanie and Kenzie have been working with technical suits since about 2008; they have years of experience behind them.

If you have any questions at all regarding technical suits feel free to contact us.

  • Take your time putting the suit on 
    • Fold up the hem of the legs
    • Pull the suit up as high on your legs as you possibly can in one unit.Think pulling on tights.
    • Pull the suit up to your waist hiking the crotch up as high as you can get it to give you a full range of motion. DO NOT pull the legs down yet if your suit has straps.
    • FYI: getting the suit over the butt is the hardest part. Once you manage that you are home free.
    • Not pulling on the straps - pull the suit up your torso.
    • Carefully dip your shoulder and pull the straps up your arms and into place.
    • Once the suit is in place, pull the legs down and uncuff the hem.

Video Tutorial #1

Video Tutorial #2

Video Tutorial #3