Basic Tips for Getting Comfortably in a Suit

The following are tips and tricks for comfortably wearing a suit. Most of these have been developed around training and racing suits, but can be applied to any type of suit.  

All of these steps were developed by our managers, Melanie and Kenzie, using tricks that they picked up both from when Kenzie was competing and from other customers over the years. Both our managers have been involved with the world of swimming since 2000; they have years of experience behind them.

If you have any questions at all regarding the fit of suits feel free to contact us. You can also check out our sizing guides

  1. Make sure the suit is the proper size for you. When it's on your body you want it tight, but comfortable. We recommend that it be fitted with little to no wrinkles anywhere on your body. 
  • You want it tight because water is a tricky thing. It will find ways to pull and tug on your suits. To prevent that from happening to the point of you becoming exposed you need to be in a fitted suit. 
  • To insure that you have a full range of motion in your legs you need to make sure that you get the crotch of the suit up as high as possible before you pull on any straps or tie any draw strings. 
  • To insure that you have a full range of motion in your arms we recommend that you: 
    • Experiment with different strap types and styles 
    • If the suit has a securing strap that runs around the width of your back make sure that strap is positioned right under your shoulder blades. 
    • If the suit has any form of a crossing or racer style back make sure that the straps that go over your shoulders are not coming in contact with any part of your shoulder blade. 
  • If the suit feels like it is compressing your back do the following steps to position the straps to relieve that pressure. You will need someone to help you with this. 
    • Pull the base of the straps (where they meet and/or cross) upwards. 
    • Pinching straps, slide your fingers along the straps as you pull upwards. 
    • When you reach the top of the shoulder, push the straps forward and down to where they meet with the front of the suit. 

    Note: There is a totally different technique for putting on and wearing a Technical Suit. For those tips and step by step instructions click here.