Custom Caps

General Information: 

  • We can do custom cap orders for teams or events using latex, silicone, or race caps. 
  • We have a wide range of options bordering on endless. 
  • If we don't appear to have the perfect options available to you please contact us and we'll help you create the perfect caps for you. 

Logo Requirements:

  • We can take any team logo that you have and either put it without alterations onto a cap or we can have a graphic designer manipulate your logo into a new artwork for your caps. 
  • We can also have a graphic designer create for you a totally new design for your caps working with your team colors, mascot, and/or any other design elements that you want used. 
  • Please email over your logo and any design elements for your caps to our Teams Manager, Melanie Jones, at or to our Web Manager, Kenzie Jones, at

Adding Names to Caps:

  • When you want a name on the cap it will go below the art work and be done in either white of black ink depending upon what color will stand out best on the cap. 
  • You must order 2 caps per name. So if you are order for a team of 9 swimmers then you need to order 18 caps and each swimmer will get two caps. 
  • Please email us over a copy of the roster or names for the caps spelled correctly. 
  • You can include the names in the "Notes" section at check out as well. 


  • We can go up to 6 screens on the latex and silicone caps and up to 3 screens on race caps.
  • A screen is a single color, so if your logo has 2 colors in it, then that would be a 2 screen job. 

Please keep in mind that Custom Caps take 3-4 weeks to be processed, created, and shipped out to you once you have approved of the artwork.